If you can begin to understand why your dog behaves the way it does, you can unlock the door to an incredible partnership. 

How our ethos works

The Max Canine ethos is based upon a grass roots understanding of canine AND human behaviour, with a focus on breed specific, bespoke training, and a full working knowledge of issues we see in our domesticated dogs today. 

We use 6 steps as a guide:

1. Understand the breed

Know the traits and nuances of your particular breed and understand the implications.

2. Understand the dog's background

Particularly in the case of rescue or poorly bred dogs, know and understand their history where possible.

3. Be clear what you want

Dogs work in black and white so set your standards and boundaries early on.

4. Be consistent and fair

Once you’ve decided on your boundaries, stick to them and be fair about how you implement them, especially with young dogs.

5. Don't put your dog in a position to fail

If you think that your dog is going to fail at what you’re asking of them, don’t do it. Step back, reassess and try a different way.

6. Use the goalpost method

Success builds confidence and trust. If your dog doesn’t understand, then broaden the goalposts and allow them to succeed. Then narrow the goalposts gradually.

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